Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Has it been ages or what??!

Hello vintage lovers......
It's been agessssss!!!! We hope you've all been keeping well and loving the pieces a number of you were able to cop at our last few LPM sales. We have sooo missed you guys! We must admit that sheer laziness circumstances beyond our control have kept us from you for wayyyy to long! How have you all been doing? We hope that you have missed us as much as we have missed you :)
Of course, we bring you some good news! We are glad to announce that this Saturday 17th August 2013, we'll be offering an opportunity for you and your friend's friends to grab a bargain or two for yourselves. The event which is organised by The Waterbrook Church has been described by its organisers as their adaptation of Portobello Road market. 'The Waterbrook Souk' is scheduled to commence at 12pm in the Grand Ballroom of the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.
TWB Souk - BellaNaija - August 2013
We have the usuals that you love so much - scarves, prints, sequins....and more prints. So bring a friend along. It's vintage, so fastest fingers first!!!  There'll be fashion shows by a number of creative and talented Nigerian designers, as well as some music performances. Did we mention that there'll also be food at the event?! Dont miss it....It promises to be an exciting time for fashion, food and music lovers.
We'll be thrilled if you could come out to support us.....Please spread the word!
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Le Petit Marche!!!

Hello luvies!!!

We are glad to announce that we shall be taking part in the September edition of the LPM monthly market this Sunday 30th September 2012. It will hold at the GET Arena, Lekki between 12 and 7pm. As usual, we would have a wide range of pieces available for sale... several of which will be N2,000!!!

So be there or be square......

See you on Sunday :)

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

The 2k Sale

Hi luvies!

Hope you're having a lovely week so far. We are having a fab week especially as we have been looking forward to our 2k sale. All items are N2000 so we have not included prices under each piece.

You already know the drill on how to order but if you are new to our blog, please note that orders may be placed by sending the name of the piece you want, as well as your full name, phone number and address for delivery to Also be reminded that we charge only N500 for deliveries in Lagos and N1,000 for deliveries in Abuja. If you happen to be in any other cities in Nigeria, do contact us and we'll see what we can arrange :)

So let's cut to the chase....... Fastest fingers first!!!

Happy shopping!!!
Jessica: blue printed top with wooden buttons (size10) Sold
Esther: floral pussy bow blouse (size 10) Sold
Ruth: printed blouse (size 12)
Karla: blue and cream printed blouse (size 12) Sold
Anna: blue and grey printed blouse (size 12) Sold
Emmanuella: floral blouse (size 12) Sold
Geri: flowery sleeveless top (size12) Sold
Kylie: multi-coloured blouse (size 12) Sold
Ivy: mixed print blouse (size 12) Sold

Ashley: polka dot top with flowers (size 12) Sold

Leona: black and white printed blouse with studded collar (size 12) Sold

Karen: printed blouse (size10/12)

Flora: blue and white blouse with scalloped collar (size 10) Sold
Brittany: printed blouse (size 12)

Abigail: printed skirt (size 14) Sold

Yvonne: printed blouse (size 10/12) Sold

Monica: flowery blouse with sheer sleeves (size 12) Sold

Jenny: printed pleated skirt (size 14) Sold

Paula: printed sleeveless blouse (size 10)

Wendy: hot pink blouse with sheer sleeves (size 10) Sold

June: blush and cream blouse (size 12)

Sara: black blouse with detailed sleeves (size 10/12) Sold

Vanessa: orange printed blouse (size 12) Sold

Paris: sheer floral print top (size 12/14) Sold

Tamara: floral print blouse (size 12/14) Sold

Nicole: silver tiered blouse (size 8)

Tyra: printed sleeveless top (size 10) Sold

Fiona: pastel coloured blouse (size10)

Agnes: flowery blouse (size 8/10) Sold

Rose: green flowery blouse with pockets (size 12) Sold

Patricia: pink and white top with faux pockets (size 12)
Rebecca: printed top (size 12) Sold

Rita: printed blouse (size 14) Sold

Andrea: grey printed blouse (size 14) Sold

Adrianna: white printed top (size 10) Sold

Geraldine: flowery top (size 12)

Joan: blue dress with diamante shoulders (size 12) Sold

Carrie: flowery blouse (size 10/12) Sold

We look forward to receiving your orders!!

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New Post!!!! - 2k Sale

Hello beautiful people!!! Hope you have all been keeping well…..It’s been ages!!! We would like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to those that patronized us at the July edition of LPM; it was a pleasure to meet you all :)

Now to today’s business, we’ve got some good news for all you vintage lovers. Our 2k sale is here again and it’s scheduled to take place at 11am this Thursday 30th August 2012. We’ve got pretty pieces that would definitely find a place in your wardrobes. Also, we’ve got enough in store to ensure that you can cop a piece or two. As always, it’s fastest fingers first. Please tell a friend! Don’t keep the bargains to yourselves!!!!! If you have any questions or comments kindly send us an email -

To place orders, also send an email to this address quoting the name of the piece you wish to buy, as well as your full name, phone number and address. Please note that delivery of all items ordered from this sale will be made next week at the earliest :) We look forward to receiving your orders……..

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I Spy!!!

Hello ladies,

It's been a while since we last did our 'I Spy' posts so here goes......For those that are new to our blog please note that these items have already been bought by customers who have been kind enough to send us pics of them rocking our pieces. So the items are not for sale. Please keep the pictures coming in.


Work chic

Camera shy :)

Love the contrast!




Work it!!!

Rock it!!!!!

Our piece is on the left. She bought this dress from our first ever shoot *hugs* :)

Thanks for the pics darlings!!!

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Le Petit Marche!!!

Hello beautiful people!

We are glad to announce that we shall be taking part in the July edition of the LPM monthly market this Sunday 29th July 2012. It will hold at the GET Arena Victoria Island from 12 - 7pm. We would have a wide range of prints and patterns, detail and sizes, colours and styles of pieces available for sale.

We've also got our usual '2k sale' on many items. You really can't miss this!!! Make it a girls' day out ....bring a friend or two to cop a few bargains. We really love meeting you guys face to face :) 

See you there!!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Work Chic.....

Hi ladies,
How’ve you all been? Great we hope. So we’ve brought some more goodies your way and have titled this post ‘The Work Rebel’ for one simple reason. As a 9-5, 6 0r 10’er we know that every office has a sort of ‘dress code’. Some may stick to it, while some would rather not. As a lawyer, you should wear sober colours such as black, white, navy blue or grey; as a banker you may be required to wear a suit all day everyday and only have time for your creative side at the weekends. Some offices dress down on Fridays, while others don’t.
But who says we can’t perform at the required level ‘cos of what we are wearing? To this end, we decided to bring you stylish pieces that you can wear to work on any day of the week (well, I would). Let’s rebel against the ‘dress code’ without getting sacked or queried o! For those who are unable to rebel at work, you may just wish to wear these to church or for a nice day out with the girlies. Mix and match or wear the bright coloured blouses with a dark skirt/pants and maybe a nice jacket. Wear a nice printed cami underneath your normally boring jacket to give that much need pop of colour. Include a bow here and there, adorn your outfit with brooches, statement necklaces or scarves. Your outfit DOES go a long way to brighten your mood and that of others. So here goes……
Grace: multi coloured blouse (size 12) - N3000 (SOLD)

Dorothy: blue and white striped blouse (size 12) - N3000 (SOLD)
Emma: red printed scarf - N500 Vivienne: blue and white dogtooth blouse with gold buttons (size 12/14) - N3000 (SOLD) Geri: blue pencil skirt (size 8/10) - N3000 (SOLD)
Ruth: printed blouse (size 10/12) - N3000 (SOLD)
Ruby: multi coloured blouse (size 12): N3000

Ursula: navy blue polka dot skirt (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)

Christiana: red printed top (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)
Pat: powder pink and white flowery top (size 10) - N3000
*bow not included

Evelyn: lavender pencil skirt (size 10) - N3000
Marilyn: black sheer blouse (size 8/10) - N3000 (SOLD)

Sandra: green printed skirt (size 8/10) - N3000 (SOLD)
Caroline: sheer sleeveless top (size 12) - N3000 (SOLD)

Angelina: brown skirt with slit (size 10) - N3000
Janet: red blouse with blue collar and pockets (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)

April: grey and blue plaid pattern skirt (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)
*necklace not included
Erica: blue printed blouse (size 12) - N3000

Alexa: grey pencil skirt with pockets (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)
*necklace not included
Agatha: green long sleeved blouse (size 12) - N3000 (SOLD)
*necklace not included

Olivia: mint dog-tooth skirt with pockets (size 8/10)- N3000 (SOLD)

Meryl: printed blouse (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)

Jodie: mustard square pattern pencil skirt (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)

Rebecca: black sheer top with beading (size 10) - N3000

Goldie: brown floral skirt (size 10) - N3000
*necklace not included

Cindy: green blouse (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)

Amber: flowery pencil skirt (size 10) - N3000
Back detail (SOLD)
Isabella: blue top with stripes and polka dots (size 8/10) - N3000 (SOLD)
*necklace not included

Pamela: blue printed sleeveless top (size 10) - N3000
Susan: geometric print blouse (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)
*necklace not included

Paris: beaded blouse (size 12) - N3500 (SOLD)

Jackie: printed blouse with detachable corsage (size 8/10) - N3000 (SOLD)
Macy: brown printed blouse (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)
Nancy: salmon flowery blouse (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)

Nadia: blue and cream printed blouse (size 10) - N3000

Sahara: chain belt - N1200 (SOLD)
Halle: blue printed blouse (size 12) - N3000 (SOLD)

Daphne: leopard print blouse (size 12) - N3000 (SOLD)
*necklace not included

Josie: printed jacket style blouse (size 10) - N3000

Oprah: multicoloured print blouse (size 12) - N3000
Winifred: flowery blouse (size 12) - N3000 (SOLD)

Catherine: multicoloured striped shirt (size 10) - N3000 (SOLD)

Barbara: grey and blue printed blouse (size 12) - N3000

Odette: flowery blouse (size 12) - N3000 (SOLD)

Henrietta: blue blouse with patterned neckline and belt hole (size 10/12) - N3000 (SOLD)

Gloria: striped scarf (500) (SOLD)
 We look forward to receiving your orders!

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